OT Chukwuma Okorafor, Western Michigan

6’6″ – 320 lbs. – 5.31

Appeared in twelve games as a freshman, then started for the past three seasons, as a right tackle in his sophomore season before moving into the blindside role as a junior. Has solid height for a pro tackle, with a very thick lower body and long limbs; added nearly sixty pounds over the course of his collegiate career and really looks the part. Typically plays out of a two-point stance in a pass-heavy offense; may have to adjust to playing with his hand in the dirt. Plays with sound weight distribution and a wide base in pass protection, with a controlled but somewhat slow kickslide, leading to a lack of depth. Consequently, relies more on his length than on his lateral quickness when handling speed off the edge. Ability to maintain his technique and leverage deteriorates as he’s forced to try and beat quicker rushes to the edge. Has the arms and grip strength to sustain blocks and steer opponents wide of the pocket, but looks more comfortable when working against power. Plays with a strong anchor and handles bull-rushers well. Has less experience blocking in the run game but has some of the physical tools to succeed there, especially in an inline system. Has some initial burst when working downhill; is able to get himself into position to seal defenders, whether on the defensive line or at the second level. Works to sustain through the whistle and as mentioned has the grip strength to lock up opponents throughout the duration of the snap. However, doesn’t play with much of a mean streak; more of a wall-off blocker who doesn’t generate much push. Tends to play a little bit high, possibly because he’s often working out of a two-point stance. Was asked to work in space at times but isn’t an excellent athlete and sometimes struggles to successfully locate and engage opponents as he gets further away from his initial position. Makes the occasional mental error but those tend to be the exception rather than the rule. A three-year starter with a desirable combination of bulk and length, a strong lower body built to handle power, and sound fundamentals, his lack of lateral quickness will likely prevent him from playing left tackle, but he should be able to compete for a starting role elsewhere on the line, whether as a right tackle or inside at guard. May not have the pure drive-blocking ability of an elite guard or the athleticism of an elite right tackle but still looks likely to go on the draft’s second day.

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