OT Jamarco Jones, Ohio St.

6’4″ – 299 lbs. – 5.50

Played in twenty-two games as a reserve over his first two seasons, then stepped into the blindside role as a junior. Massive left tackle with a very thick build; looks bigger than his listed weight and physically resembles a guard more than a tackle. Often played out of a two-point stance in college, albeit in Urban Meyer’s power-spread offense. Very aggressive in the run game. Extends his arms and keeps his feet churning after initial contact, with a good work rate to play through the whistle. Can use his size and strength to overpower opponents and accumulate pancake blocks, although he doesn’t always play with the requisite leverage to create push. Surprisingly nimble for a big man. Quick enough to block on angles, with the athleticism to get out in space and disrupt defenders at the second level; not a pure inline blocker. Overall grip strength is adequate, but has a tendency to overextend and lunge at times in the run game, causing him to fall off of some blocks; would benefit from being more patient. Plays with a solid anchor in pass protection; recovers quickly against power and can avoid being walked back into the pocket. Has enough strength in his punch to knock smaller defenders off-balance, and gets good extension with his arms. More of a wall than a mirror in pass protection. From an athletic standpoint, appears to have the lateral movement skills to stick on the outside, but may need work on fundamentals before he’s ready to play at the pro level. Gets pretty good depth with his kickslide, but sometimes struggles to replicate his technique; some of his technical issues can be masked by his width and length. Able to bend his knees and get in his seat. Balance is better in pass protection than in the run game. Something of a boom-or-bust prospect who offers a desirable temperament, a big build, natural power, and quick feet, but who is very raw from a fundamental standpoint; will need to transition to a pro-style offense and clean up his balance and technique before he’s ready to contribute. May need to shift to another spot on the offensive line, which may increase his learning curve given that his collegiate starting experience has been at left tackle. Nonetheless, physical and athletic gifts are too impressive to last too far into the third day of the draft.

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