OT Kolton Miller, UCLA*

6’9″ – 309 lbs. – 4.95

Redshirted as a true freshman, then started five games in 2015 and five at right tackle opposite eventual sixth-round pick Conor McDermott the following year, missing the rest of his redshirt sophomore year after sustaining a foot injury. Came back to take over the starting job at left tackle this past season, then declared for the draft. Mammoth left tackle who’s got as much size as a team could want and who carries his weight well; a pure tackle whose size will likely prevent a move inside to guard. Physical and aggressive in the run game. Did a lot of blocking on angles and is able to create push when he attacks the outside shoulder. Works hard to stick with his assignments through the whistle; doesn’t lock on with a strong grip, but keeps fighting and exhibits active feet when engaged. Able to seal defenders inside on off-tackle rushing attempts. Has the short-area athleticism to climb up to the second level and challenge defenders. Nasty and looks to finish opponents. Knee-bender with some lateral quickness; kickslide can be a little bit robotic at times, but doesn’t have much trouble protecting the edge due to his combination of size, length, and athleticism. Demonstrates good hand placement and is an effective hand fighter on the inside. Able to lock onto defenders and ride them wide of the pocket, or absorb speed-to-power on the edge; good lower-body strength. However, tape is a little bit inconsistent. Has some balance issues and doesn’t keep his back straight consistently; exhibits a tendency to lower his head into contact at times, causing him to whiff. Has more trouble dealing with sudden inside moves than straightforward bull-rushers or speed rushers on the edge. Some of the technical issues which crop up periodically can be masked to some extent by his physical attributes. Season-ending foot injury sustained in his sophomore season will require further evaluation at the Combine. Having started intermittently until this past season, was able to settle down into the blindside and do a pretty good job of keeping Josh Rosen clean despite some technical issues which could be hammered out with further development. Also a pretty good run blocker who has the physicality and leg drive to create holes for ballcarriers. Might end up being more of a right tackle but could potentially start on the blindside as well.

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