OT Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame

6’8″ – 309 lbs. 5.20e

Graduated. Played in thirteen games in 2014, starting one at right tackle. Took over the full-time job at that position the following year, then slid over to left tackle this season, one in which he was named a team captain. Very tall offensive tackle with adequate bulk; carries his weight well. Anchor appears somewhat inconsistent, possibly because of his height; gets walked back more often than a 315-pound offensive lineman should. However, is a knee-bender who does what he can to get low on a consistent basis in order to mitigate his height. A little bit of a waist-bender who could do a better job of keeping his back straight. Depth in his kickslide and overall lateral quickness are just average; tends to rely more on his overall size to defend against speed. Doesn’t always make it look pretty but is usually able to anticipate what his opponent is going to do and protect the passer. Hand placement is generally good; rarely whiffs on his initial punch. Works to get out in front of screens and make blocks in space. Has a physical approach to the run game. Gets his arms extended, with what looks like above-average grip strength to sustain blocks. Keeps his legs churning after contact and works to stick with his man through the whistle. Some ability to generate push, although his height sometimes prevents him from getting the requisite leverage. Finishes with pancakes when he can. Not the exceptional athlete his predecessor Ronnie Stanley was; a bit of a lumbering blocker who would fit best in an inline system. Was occasionally asked to climb to the second level but struggles to successfully engage opponents there; limited pulling responsibilities.  Has two seasons of starting experience in a major program, spending one season manning the right side and the following on the left side. At the pro level, is probably a better fit for the former than the latter, given his athletic limitations, and will likely have to make it on the outside because of his height.

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