OT Orlando Brown, Oklahoma

6’8″ – 345 lbs. – 5.85

Has pro bloodlines; father Orlando started 119 games in a career spanning 1993-2005. Gargantuan left tackle with an elite combination of height, bulk, and length. As his frame would suggest, is an absolutely devastating run blocker who can drive opponents yards off of their original spot. Can attack the outside shoulder and clear big holes, collapsing defensive ends into the middle of the defense. Gets good extension with his arms and wins as soon as he’s locked onto an opponent. Grip strength is very impressive, although he can get grabby at times and needs to do a better job of keeping his hands inside. Good finisher who picks up plenty of pancake blocks when he’s able to get his feet churning, although at times they can go dead on contact. Has above-average athleticism for his size and was asked to cut-block opponents or pull to the right side at times but obviously projects as more of an inline, phone-booth blocker. Has some ability to climb and seal linebackers inside when teams don’t line up a defensive end opposite him. Experiences some difficulties winning the leverage battle but was able to get by with his bulk and power at the college level. Not quite as effective in the passing game as he is on rushing downs. Overall size and width make him a massive obstacle, but at times explosive opponents with wide alignments can run around him, necessitating the use of a running back working in blitz pickup. May end up being prone to false starts as he tries to get an early jump in order to contest the edge. Lateral quickness is above-average for a player of his size and flashes the ability to ride opponents wide of the pocket. However, when he’s in position, is able to extend his arms, lock on, and absorb power without being walked back into the pocket. Has some balance issues; can be a waist-bender at times, negating his natural power. Didn’t always make it look pretty but was generally able to get the job done at left tackle in a major conference. Miserable Combine will probably push him into the second or even the early third day.

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