OT Tyrell Crosby, Oregon

6’5″ – 309 lbs. – 5.23

Started nine games as a true freshman, then started twelve games at right tackle the following year. Sustained a season-ending foot injury as a junior which limited him to just two games, then took over as the team’s left tackle this past season. Appears to have adequate height and bulk for a pro tackle, carrying his weight well; arms may be just average for the position. Very athletic zone blocker who can cover a lot of ground and reach opponents in space or at the second level. Was frequently asked to pull and work in space; can pull to the right and hook opponents to create running room. Has very active feet and keeps his legs churning after contact; when he fires out low, has the ability to generate push as a drive blocker. Has a workmanlike approach to the game. Finishes blocks and will capitalize on opportunities to pancake opponents; able to bully some smaller opponents when playing with leverage. Some technical shortcomings; tends to play a little bit high and doesn’t always square up opponents or use his arms as much as he should. Grip strength is just average. Was a highly productive pass protector this past season, albeit in a relatively run-heavy offense. Probably a little bit more athletic in a straight line than he is laterally quick, but is nonetheless able to slide and mirror in order to contest the edge against speed rushers. Lower body is powerful enough to absorb power without being walked back into the passer. Has some pop in his initial punch to jolt defenders and works to extend his arms, but doesn’t appear to have particularly impressive length. Does a good job of getting in front of screens and making blocks down the field in the passing game. Foot injury which ended his junior season will require further medical evaluation. Has the athleticism to execute various assignments and protect the edge against speed at the next level; also offers more physicality and lower-body strength than many tackle prospects with a similar athletic profile. Biggest threat to his draft position may be his weigh-in at the Combine; will need to meet teams’ minimum height and length measurements to solidify his draft stock. However, may also have the anchor to play as an offensive guard in a pull-heavy offense if needed.

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