QB Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

6’1″ – 215 lbs. – 4.84

Was originally a walk-on at Texas Tech, starting seven of eight games played as a freshman, but transferred rather than compete with other players for the starting role in 2014. Sat out that season, then put together three highly productive seasons for the Sooners, culminating with being awarded the Heisman Trophy this past season. Gunslinger who plays with plenty of swagger (some would say too much); leadership qualities are highly-regarded. Comes from a beautiful shotgun spread offense which asked him to make a lot of throws over the middle of the field and on shorter swing passes, screens, etc. designed to facilitate yards after the catch. Some teams may have system concerns given that he didn’t have to make a lot of reads in college, and many of his throws were shorter passes to primary targets that turned into big runs. Throwing motion is a little bit inconsistent but has a quick, compact delivery. There’s some inconsistency in his game in terms of weight transfer and throwing from a stable platform as well; made a lot of throws off of his back foot, but was able to step into throws further downfield to avoid underthrowing passes during the games reviewed. Has very good ball placement and timing, including on throws down the field and toward the sidelines; in terms of accuracy, stands at the top of this year’s class. Provides a catchable ball with good touch, facilitating the yards after the catch which were critical to his team’s success. Also throws with good velocity and has the confidence to take chances into tight coverage; solid arm strength overall. Very good at extending the play, with good pocket movement to escape the rush. Does a good job of keeping his eyes downfield when the play breaks down, although he’s also able to pick up some first downs with his feet. Also carried the ball on some designed runs and flashes a good stiff arm and plenty of competitiveness. Antics on and off the field require scrutiny; was arrested for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest in 2017. There’s a lot to like about his cocky style of play, accurate passing, and ability to throw the ball down the field, traits which have generated comparisons to former first-round pick Johnny Manziel; like Manizel, it’s possible that Mayfield’s success will depend as much on his character as on his football ability.

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