QB Josh Allen, Wyoming

6’5″ – 237 lbs. – 4.75

Spent one season at Reedley Community College in 2014, then transferred to North Dakota St. and started one game the following season before taking over full-time starting duties the following year, a role which he reprised this past season. Humble, competitive demeanor. Big quarterback who played in a pro-style offense which asked him to work from under center on a regular basis. Footwork can be a little bit lackadaisical at times, but exhibits the ability to make drops and transfer weight effectively. Has experience going through progressions when his first read is well-covered. Throws with a three-quarters release point. Has a strong, rifle arm and is confident in his ability to make throws into tight windows; able to fit the ball in with raw arm strength even on off-platform throws. Uses appropriate touch on his passes. Throws passes to the sidelines and down the field like a pro quarterback. Major question mark is his accuracy and the overall consistency of his output; will miss some passes because he doesn’t have his feet set, and his deep balls can sail on him at times. Looks like he has the potential to clean up his footwork and make strides, but historically accuracy has been difficult to improve as college quarterbacks transition to the pro game. A true dual-threat quarterback who did a good job of extending the play and keeping his eyes downfield to buy time for his receivers. Escapes from the pocket well, but not unnecessarily; will stand in and take a hit in order to complete a pass. Able to complete throws while rolling out; was asked to do so frequently off of play action. Very tough player who doesn’t shy away from contact and can be a little bit chippy. Can shrug off opponents in the pocket like Ben Roethlisberger. Also converted some first downs with his feet on designed runs, and was a short-yardage and goal-line option for his team as well. Changes speeds on draws; long-strider with some elusiveness who’s capable of picking up chunks of yardage. Huge paws give him good ball security; able to hang onto the ball even when blindsided by opposing rushers. Has some injury concerns; broke his collarbone in 2015, and hurt his throwing shoulder this past year. Perhaps the draft’s greatest mystery; has outstanding tools for a pro quarterback and perhaps this class’s highest ceiling at the position, but wasn’t able to consistently put it together over the course of his college career.

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