QB Kyle Lauletta, Richmond

6’3″ – 222 lbs. – 4.81

Appeared in four games in a reserve capacity in 2013, then redshirted before taking over as the team’s starting quarterback in 2015. Spent the past three seasons as Richmond’s starting quarterback, making his senior campaign his most productive en route to a Senior Bowl invitation. Team captain. Pretty well-built quarterback with adequate height and bulk for a pro passer. Played in a shotgun offense which featured a lot of predetermined, rhythm-based throws. Has adequate footwork and weight transfer when throwing the ball, and manages to get it out quick with a three-quarters release point. A pretty accurate passer who will let passes sail when throwing down the field but generally throws a catchable ball with touch on the shorter throws which make up most of his attempts. Wasn’t asked to really see the whole field and work through progressions very often, but didn’t take unnecessary risks with the ball; got himself into trouble more by missing high down the field than by making poor decisions. Can look off opponents playing in zone coverage. Also has enough athletic ability to roll out to either side of the field and complete passes, or keep the ball and run for occasional first downs on designed quarterback keepers. Pretty tough player who also has some escapability in the pocket when pressured; however, could do a better job of keeping his eyes downfield and looking for targets when the play breaks down. Biggest limitation is his arm strength, which is on the borderline of what’s acceptable at the pro level. Doesn’t throw a particularly tight spiral and lacks the ability to rifle passes with velocity, which will limit the windows he’s able to throw into at the next level. Furthermore, as mentioned previously he also struggles with his accuracy down the field, constraining his ability to win with ball placement. If he’s able to overcome the significant jump in the level of competition he’s playing against, learn to operate from under center, and learn to read opposing defenses, then, he may still be limited to more of a dink-and-dunk passing game which will allow opponents to crowd the line of scrimmage. Low ceiling may limit him to more of a backup role, and consequently is probably more likely to be a mid-round pick, beginning his career as a practice-squad option or third quarterback.

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