RB Ronald Jones, Southern California

5’11” – 205 lbs. – 4.65

Was the team’s leading rusher in all three seasons, but didn’t become a full-time starter until this year, by far his most productive. Was also a sprinter on the track team. Tall running back with a somewhat thin build. Does a lot of his work out of the shotgun and other spread looks. Very good athlete. One-cut runner with the ability to plant on a spot and explode through the hole when he finds a lane. Has the speed and burst to pick up chunks of yardage and hit home runs if he gets into the open. Able to make jump-cuts in the backfield to escape congestion and find open rushing lanes to the outside. Has some ability to pick up yardage between the tackles but is at his best when he’s running stretch plays and taking advantage of cutback opportunities as they become available. Once he gets to the second level, exhibits the ability to run through arm tackles. Flashes the ability to skinny through holes and keep his balance. Vision is a little bit inconsistent; takes advantage of some opportunities that not many other runners would perceive, but also has a tendency to forego guaranteed yardage between the tackles for the possibility of bigger runs on the outside. Consequently, is something of a feast-or-famine back who will get caught in the backfield for a high rate of negative-yardage runs, but who will also pick up more chunks of yardage. Runs a little bit upright and isn’t really a tackle-breaker until he gets a full head of steam going. Doesn’t have much leg drive to pick up yardage after contact. Pretty limited in the passing game; almost never runs routes, and remains on the field for only a few snaps in blitz pickup each game, typically when the team calls play-action. Has the size and awareness to potentially contribute in that capacity, but as it currently stands he could be more consistent about extending his arms and getting a grip on defenders; as it stands, is somewhat susceptible to throwing a shoulder instead. A very good athlete who can identify cutback lanes, make sharp cuts, and explode for big gains down the field, but who isn’t really built or temperamentally suited for running behind his pads between the tackles for consistent gains. Looks likely to come off the board on the second day.

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