RB Royce Freeman, Oregon

5’11” – 229 lbs. – 4.55

Has been a major contributor over the past four seasons, averaging over 250 touches per year and topping 300 as a sophomore. Thickly-built running back who has proven that he’s able to carry a heavy workload in college. Tough player who worked through injuries and only missed two games throughout his career, one of those being his bowl game this past season. Ran the ball out of Oregon’s spread offense, typically out of either a shotgun look or a pistol look. Runs with good vision, recognizing cutback lanes and not wasting any time getting back to the line of scrimmage. Able to find creases and skinny through them to get to the second level. Smooth if not particularly explosive runner who’s able to beat defenders to the edge on runs off-tackle or bounce attempts to the outside. Light on his feet and makes nice cuts when weaving through traffic. Pretty elusive back who can often make the first man miss. Has a big frame and flashes the ability to lower his shoulder and drive his legs to fight for additional yardage, although he could be more consistent about finishing his runs by falling forward and doesn’t break a ton of tackles. Having come from an offense which bears little resemblance to a pro scheme and being able to run through some big holes, may face some questions about his ability to successfully translate his production to the next level. Tended to stay on the field during passing downs. Not a particularly dynamic receiver, but looked like he had reliable hands to catch swing passes out of the backfield during the games reviewed. Has the type of frame to be an effective pass protector; tends to stay upright when engaging opponents but could handle his responsibilities with a little bit more physicality and effort to sustain through the whistle. Also has some experience as a lead blocker on jet sweeps. A thickly-built runner with four seasons of high-level production in a major program and who offers the vision, quick feet, and smooth running skills to take his game to the next level, he will be off the board by the middle rounds of the draft. Biggest concerns are the tread on his tires and the dissimilarity between his college scheme and the offenses pro teams run.

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