RB Sony Michel, Georgia*

5’11” – 214 lbs. – 4.54

Was essentially a rotational back for the duration of his collegiate career, although he started six games as a sophomore and functioned as more of a traditional workhorse after Nick Chubb was injured. Looks a little bit thinner than his listed weight on tape but official size is commensurate with pro requirements for a feature back. At his best when he’s able to find a crease when running the ball on stretch plays off-tackle, but is also a pretty physical back who can grind out some yardage between the tackles. Has good vision to identify cutback lanes, with the ability to stop on a dime and burst through them for big gains. Gets going quickly and has the speed to hit home runs when he gets into the open. Elusive both in the backfield and when he gets to the second level. Doesn’t try to do too much; limits negative-yardage runs by getting low and picking up a few yards between the tackles instead of trying to bounce attempts outside. Follows his blocks and makes good choices. Able to get low and fall forward to finish his runs; gives good effort to churn out extra yardage and has some ability to run through arm tackles and set the tone with hits on defenders, but doesn’t have a lot of leg drive to push the pile in short-yardage situations. Some ball security issues, having fumbled twelve times over the course of his career. Has the potential to contribute in the passing game, but experience there is somewhat limited. Doesn’t take many snaps in pass protection; flashed the ability to stay on his feet and engage rushers over a few snaps in the games reviewed, but seemed to have some trouble consistently identifying his man and putting himself in position to pick them up successfully. Probably has more value as a potential receiving option; most of his routes in college were shorter patterns into the flats, but given his excellent speed, might be more dangerous if he’s allowed to run wheel routes downfield against opposing linebackers. Caught just nine balls this past year, but over twenty in each of the two preceding seasons. Will probably need to make it onto the field on passing downs because some teams may not view him as a true between-the-tackles back. However, has a very desirable combination of vision, agility, and explosiveness which could make him a team’s primary ballcarrier, and which should allow him to be one of the first backs off the board. Reminiscent of Lamar Miller.

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