TE DeAndre Goolsby, Florida

6’4″ – 240 lbs. – 4.70e

Has three seasons of modest production under his belt, with his junior campaign being the most productive. H-Back who rarely lines up in a three-point stance on the line of scrimmage; takes some snaps split out, but relatively fewer of them than some other players with his physical/athletic profile. Has an adequate combination of height and bulk for that role, but will probably be precluded from working as an inline option. Primary value at the pro level will be as a receiving option. Pretty smooth athlete who runs a lot of flare patterns out of the backfield but also has the speed to potentially work further downfield and challenge the seams against pro linebackers. More limited by his collegiate scheme and role than by any sort of athletic constraints. Has soft hands and can pluck the ball away from his frame and adjust to poor throws. Not one of the biggest targets in terms of height/length but has the leaping ability to go up high and get the ball. Doesn’t waste much time getting upfield and can make some defenders miss in one-on-one situations in the open field, but isn’t one of the most physical players with the ball in his hands. Often utilized in the blocking game and gives good effort in that capacity. Not retained much in pass protection, but had some diverse duties in the run game. Scrappy blocker who engages opponents high and works to sustain. Keeps his head on a swivel downfield and seeks out additional targets. Was asked to come in motion and lead the way, or crack down on opponents pursuing from the backside. Legs keep churning after contact. However, blocking contributions will likely be limited by his physical profile. Doesn’t generate much push despite his aggressiveness. Has some trouble sealing defenders inside on runs off-tackle. Could do a better job of getting the most of his length by fully extending his arms. Effort to sustain is better than ability to. Missed some time due to an undisclosed injury to begin his senior season. Will need to make a major adjustment to the pro level; comes from an SEC program, but played in a relatively simple offense with a narrow role in the passing game. Has more experience as a run blocker, but physical limitations may prevent him from making major contributions in that capacity at the pro level, and in any case would likely need to add strength and iron out some technical kinks in that area.

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