TE Troy Fumagalli, Wisconsin

6’5″ – 247 lbs. – 4.80e

Redshirted in 2013, then started two of fourteen games the following year and four of eleven as a sophomore before becoming a starter. H-Back who typically lines up in a two-point stance a couple of yards behind the line of scrimmage, but who also takes some snaps split out as a receiving option. Was rarely asked to put his hand in the dirt and play out of a three-point stance for more than a handful of snaps per game. Well-versed in blocking concepts. Will come in motion and crack backside pursuers, function as a lead-blocker, chip rushers before leaking out as a safety valve, or stay back in pass protection. Temperamentally suited to contributing as a blocker. Seeks out opponents and works to sustain through the whistle. Not afraid to get physical with opponents. Flashes the ability to lock on and keep his feet churning to generate movement against smaller linebackers. Good instincts and awareness of his responsibilities. Works to seal one opponent inside before making his way to the second level. Athleticism gives him some range as a blocker, and does a good job of lining up moving targets. Struggles to absorb an opponent’s power at times; better when he’s able to be aggressive in the run game than when he’s asked to anchor in pass protection. Runs a combination of seam routes and underneath patterns. Able to handle contact near the line of scrimmage without being pushed off of his routes. Has enough athleticism to get behind linebackers playing zone coverage, but most of his catches tend to come on shorter passes over the middle of the field. More effective against zone than man coverage, as he lacks the speed and quickness to separate consistently against the latter. Struggles to make contested catches in traffic, but has reliable hands when thrown accurate passes, with some ability to bring in passes away from his frame. Arms may be a bit shorter than is typical for a player with his height. Capable of picking up chunks of yardage after the catch against zones, but balance is just average, and is not particularly creative or physical with the ball in his hands. Had his left index finger amputated shortly after birth. A likable player with a blue-collar approach to the position. Has the size, temperament, and technique to contribute in the run game, but may need some time in a pro strength program in order to fill out his frame. Also offers some value as a receiver, but possibly as more of a number-two option.

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