WR Christian Kirk, Texas A&M*

5’10” – 201 lbs. – 4.47

Led the team in receiving and all-purpose yards as a freshman, also serving as a return specialist. Complemented Josh Reynolds on the outside as a sophomore, finishing first in receptions, then led the team in receiving as a junior before declaring for the draft. Something of a chess piece who lines up all over the formation for the Aggies; typically in the slot, but takes some snaps outside and even from out of the backfield on occasion. Probably projects as more of a slot receiver at the next level. Very fast receiver who gets up to full speed in a hurry and has the speed to threaten defenses down the field; uncharacteristically for a slot receiver, runs most of his routes downfield or at the intermediate level. At his most dangerous running posts down the middle of the field, but has a pretty deep route tree and uses the threat of going deep to set up deep curls and other patterns of that nature at the intermediate level. Often ran flag routes, wheel routes, bananas in the red zone. At the short level, runs some whip routes, digs, and slants to rack up yards after the catch. Produces in volume and the team also feeds him the ball on screens and sweeps. Able to sink his hips and explode out of the route stem without losing much speed, allowing him to blow past defensive backs down the field; has some nuance to his routes. Average size and length limits his catch radius, but exhibits the ability to catch the ball away from his frame, and appears to have very reliable hands. Very good runner with the ball in his hands. Has good vision, makes sharp cuts, and wastes little time getting upfield. Able to make the first man miss in space, and is also willing to get physical with opposing defensive backs. Very dynamic return specialist who returned seven kicks and punts for touchdowns over the course of his career, averaging over twenty yards per punt return in total. Electrifying big-play threat who has excellent athleticism, runs plenty of different routes, and has reliable hands; does a lot of the things in college that he will be asked to do at the pro level, so his projection is relatively more straightforward than some other prospects. Looks like an early starter in the slot and on return teams.

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