WR Simmie Cobbs Jr., Indiana*

6’3” – 220 lbs. – 4.64

Played in all twelve games as a freshman but was used relatively sparingly, then became a full-time starter the following season, leading the Hoosiers in receiving both that year and in 2017 before foregoing his senior season to declare for the draft. Received a medical redshirt in 2016 after undergoing ankle surgery and missing the entire year. Very tall, long-limbed split end who often lines up on the left side of the formation and runs a lot of his routes down the sidelines; targeted at all three levels of the field, typically on back-shoulder throws, fades, fly routes, curls, stop routes, and other patterns near the boundary (as well as relatively little work over the middle of the field on drag routes, slants, and so on). Not particularly explosive in terms of his get-off from the line of scrimmage, but is a long-strider with what looks like adequate deep speed. Consequently, doesn’t always get a lot of separation from opposing cornerbacks playing press-man, and his targets often came into coverage in which he had a defender in his hip pocket. As a big target, offers a wide catch radius and demonstrates very reliable hands. Capable of making spectacular one-handed grabs in coverage. Can climb the ladder and go over the top of opposing defenders to come down with passes. Looks comfortable catching the ball in traffic. Possibly the best back-shoulder receiver in this year’s class; demonstrates excellent awareness and body control near the sideline. When targeted down the field, does a good job of tracking the ball over his shoulder. Skillset is very suitable to being targeted on fade routes in the end zone. As a volume receiver, gets fed some passes underneath as well, and looks like a physical runner who has some ability to make defenders miss, but isn’t afraid to lower his shoulder and grind out additional yardage after contact. Also a decent blocker; gives good effort and uses his length to his advantage, although he’s not a major threat to drive opponents off of their spot. Was arrested for a misdemeanor at a concert this past season. Special size, length, body control, and catching ability make him one of the most intriguing receivers in this year’s class, but poor Combine may have dropped him a round or two.

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