OC Billy Price, Ohio St.

6’4” – 312 lbs. – 5.20e


  • High school defender who transitioned to offensive line as a redshirt. Started three games at left guard and twelve at right guard the following year, then left guard as a sophomore and right guard as a junior before transitioning to center for his senior season. Started fifty-five games. Team captain.


  • Has plus size and bulk for an interior lineman; thick, powerful build. Fires out of his stance low and with explosiveness. Does a good job of driving his feet after contact. Capable of pulling to either side in the pass or run game. Has the short-area quickness to climb up to the second level. Aggressive finisher who plays through the whistle; offers a very desirable temperament for a pro lineman. Absorbs power pretty well when anchoring against opponents and shouldn’t have much trouble mixing it up against zero-techniques at the next level. Good lateral quickness in pass protection. Has quick and active hands to battle with opponents. Keeps his head on a swivel and actively seeks out opponents to block; rarely found idling around at the line on passing downs. Comes with extensive starting experience in a major conference, having played all three interior positions during his time with the Buckeyes; durability in college should somewhat mitigate concerns about his health following Combine injury. Scheme-versatile.


  • Ends up on the ground far too often for a player of his size and strength. Often gets too aggressive and ends up lunging at opponents; will bend at the waist and duck his head into contact. Falls off a lot of his blocking attempts at the second level. More of a shover whose grip strength is just average; doesn’t tend to lock on to an opponent’s pads and control them through the snap.


  • Nasty blocker who is close to a total package; experienced, versatile interior lineman who plays with aggression and power, bringing a big, thick frame and plenty of athleticism to pull and lead the way on outside rushing attempts or pick up backsidde rushers in pass protection. Was getting some first-round hype prior to the Combine, but after injuring himself there, might end up being more of a second-round pick; still has a solid shot of coming off of the board within the first forty picks or so. A plug-and-play lineman who could conceivably play center or either guard spot and projects as a long-term starter.

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