OC Frank Ragnow, Arkansas

6’5” – 309 lbs. – 4.99


  • Played center in nine of twelve games as a freshman, then started all thirteen games at right guard the following year. Started predominantly at center over the past two seasons, with a little bit of work at right guard. Team captain.


  • Tough as nails, with a desirable temperament for the position. Comes with three years of starting experience in the SEC. Big, strong interior lineman with a very thick build.Has a lot of strength in his hands and can twist and throw opposing linemen to the ground. Has a pretty strong anchor to absorb power at the point of attack. Works hard to climb to the second level and engage opponents; not the most athletic player, but does a good job of securing blocks on linebackers and can eliminate them from the play. Was often asked to pull and get out in front of screens; again, not the most athletic player, but has enough quickness to get there more often than not. Devastating against linebackers, with the work rate and aggression to stick with them through the whistle and pick up some pancake blocks. Can help seal one defender and then make his way up to the second level to block another. Does a good job of working on double-team blocks.


  • Struggles to get low and generate push by winning the leverage battle, although he flashes the ability to drive his legs and walk opponents off the line when he does. Has some waist-bending and head-ducking tendencies; getting too aggressive and overextending. Can end up being walked back a little bit by trying to catch opposing power instead of using his punch to fire out and knock players off-balance. Doesn’t have a ton of lateral quickness to deal with twists and stunts when working in pass protection. Footwork leaves something to be desired in pass protection; a little bit stilted/clunky.


  • An easy evaluation, as he checks nearly all of the boxes team look for in an offensive lineman, coming as he does with three years of quality starting experience in the SEC and offering a desirable temperament, good size and power, and a desirable temperament. Might be more of an inline/power lineman because his athleticism isn’t much more than average, but he was able to make blocks in space at the college level because of his effort. Looks like he’ll come off the board within the first two rounds.

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