OC Mason Cole, Michigan

6’4” – 307 lbs. – 5.23


  • Started twelve games at left tackle as a true freshman, then all thirteen the following season. Spent his junior year at center, starting thirteen games there, then kicked back outside to tackle as a senior.


  • Comes with four years of starting experience for a program with an excellent reputation for producing offensive linemen. Tall, thick center who has the type of build needed to hold up on the inside against the nose tackles that play in pro odd fronts. Aggressive player who will finish his blocks with pancakes when he’s given the opportunity. Has strong hands to wrestle with opponents and turn them out of holes. The team had the confidence to run behind him in short-yardage situations, and a lot of Michigan’s carries came up the middle when he was serving as their pivot. Not the most athletic player, but gives good effort to get out in front when asked to pull and lead the way. Able to handle power at the line of scrimmage without being walked back into the pocket. Has some power to his shoves and can knock defenders off-balance on contact. Seeks out opponents to block in pass protection, providing help to his teammates. Coaches rave about his intangibles and work ethic.


  • Knee bend is just average and doesn’t always win the leverage battle off the snap. More of a shover than someone who gets a grip of his opponent’s pads and controls them through the whistle. Ends up on the ground a little bit too often. Had some trouble diagnosing and picking up delayed blitzes when playing on the inside. Lets some defenders into his pads and is forced to recover with his lower-body. Despite having played left tackle for three out of his four seasons with the Wolverines, is probably best considered an interior prospect who would likely struggle on an island against pro edge rushers. Will probably also be more of an inline-only option because of athleticism which is just average.


  • A well-built lineman with the type of physicality, power, and intangibles to develop into a starter at the next level. Should be able to work his way onto the first-team sooner than most linemen given his four years of starting experience in a major program which prepares its players well for the pro game. May be limited to playing inside in a power blocking scheme, but looks like a potential second day pick who should come off the board early on the third day at the latest.

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