OG Colby Gossett, Appalachian St.

6’5” – 315 lbs. – 5.20


  • Redshirted in his first season, then started seven of eight games played at right guard the following year. Started seven games at right guard and six at right tackle the following season, then eleven and two at those positions as a junior, concluding his collegiate career with thirteen starts at right guard as a senior.


  • Comes with four years of starting experience and has played both guard and tackle extensively. Tall, well-built, and has an athletic frame; looks more like a tackle than a guard from a physical standpoint. Does a lot of his blocking on angles in the run game; the team often tried to establish their running game behind him. Able to fire out low and execute cut blocks. Has enough athleticism to climb and engage defenders at the second level. Able to attack an opponent’s outside shoulder and seal them inside to create rushing lanes. Pass sets look good; bends at the knees and is able to keep his back straight. Has a reasonably good anchor to absorb power at the line of scrimmage. Lateral quickness is good enough to stick with opponents and drive them wide of the pocket when handling stunts/twists. Didn’t look out of place when competing against major programs.


  • Comes from a small school and will need to adjust to playing against the level of competition in the NFL. Doesn’t play with as much power as would be expected given his size and the fact that he put up thirty-two reps on the bench at the Combine. Falls off of a few blocks too many. Could do a better job of extending his arms. Doesn’t have a lot of power in his punch to jolt opponents. Could do a better job of placing his hands inside consistently. More workmanlike than nasty in his approach. A little bit of a ‘tweener whose body looks more suited to tackle but who primarily played inside at guard.


  • A small-school prospect with impressive tools, and who handled some pretty difficult blocking assignments in the run game. Not a dominant blocker, but has relatively few flaws in his game and looks like a good candidate to come off the board in the mid-rounds as a swing reserve who could potentially develop into a starting option down the road.

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