OG Sean Welsh, Iowa

6’2” – 300 lbs. – 5.43


  • Redshirted, then started seven games at left guard and two at right guard the following season. Spent twelve at left guard and two at right tackle as a sophomore, then flipped to the right side. Started eleven games at right guard and one at right tackle as a junior, then ten games at right guard and three at right tackle as a senior. Also spent some time practicing at center.


  • Versatile player who concludes his college career with twenty-three starts at right guard, nineteen starts at left guard, and six starts at right tackle; the only position he hasn’t played in some capacity is left tackle. Comes from a program with a reputation for producing solid pro linemen. Pure football player who is more than the sum of his parts. Was asked to do a lot of pulling and is able to get to the left side and smash opponents in the hole to create rushing lanes. Has adequate functional strength and a reasonably thick if somewhat short frame. Doesn’t always make it look pretty but knows what he’s supposed to do and works hard to execute. Works well on double-teams to generate push. Uses his body to create obstructions for opponents. Has good grip strength to sustain in pass protection.


  • A marginal athlete with borderline size for a pro lineman on the interior. Some of his college experience may not be particularly relevant; has virtually no chance of playing right tackle at the pro level and some teams may view him as a center conversion candidate, where he didn’t start a game in college. Execution on cut blocks leaves something to be desired; may just lack the requisite height/length. Wasn’t asked to climb up to the second level very often. More impressive as a run blocker than a pass protector; lack of length is an impediment to being able to handle gap-shooters. Probably a zone-only option who will struggle to overpower opponents in a phone booth. Can he absorb bull-rushes from pro nose tackles?


  • A much better player than his physical and athletic attributes would indicate; maximizes his ability and comes with a very good understanding of what he’s supposed to be doing and how he can do it. Was forced to play mostly guard because of the presence of more highly-regarded teammate James Daniels, but some teams may view him as a center at the pro level. Looks like a mid-to-late-round pick and swing reserve type.

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