OL Will Clapp, Louisiana St.

6’5” – 314 lbs. – 5.39


  • Redshirted, then started the subsequent season at right guard (one start coming on the left side). Flipped to left guard for his sophomore campaign, then played center as a junior before declaring for the draft.


  • Big, thickly-built interior lineman with very good size; really looks the part of a pro lineman. Comes with three seasons of SEC starting experience and spent a season at each of three interior positions. Size makes him a big obstacle. Able to get some extension with his arms, with a strong grip to sustain. Was asked to pull to both sides and gives good effort, although his athleticism makes it difficult for him to reach targets. Keeps his head on a swivel in pass protection. Able to handle power with ease given his thick, strong build. Has a strong enough punch that he can knock opponents off-balance or to the ground when helping a teammate. Versatility could allow him to begin his career as a swing reserve.


  • Overall technique can get sloppy. Tends to play a little bit high and consequently doesn’t generate as much push as a player with his size probably should; more of a wall-off blocker. Marginal athlete without much lateral or short-area quickness. Struggles to line up opponents at the second level, often overrunning a spot or failing to reach it. Can lapse into throwing his body into opponents rather than using his arms to engage them, especially when he’s on the move. In pass protection, is somewhat susceptible to opponents running around him because he’s unable to mirror effectively. Will probably be scheme-limited to playing in a power-based offense.


  • Made a reasonable decision to forego his senior season in order to declare for the draft, as he had already accumulated three years of SEC starting experience at three different positions. Has a pro-ready build and enough power to mix it up on the interior, but as it stands, has a somewhat sloppy game and probably lacks the type of athleticism to play in a zone scheme, even if he was asked to pull somewhat frequently at the college level. Looks like a third day pick who will be asked to begin his career as a swing reserve and might have a little bit more upside if he can clean up his technique.

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