DL Kentavius Street, North Carolina St.

6’2” – 280 lbs. – 4.87


  • Rotated into the defense as a reserve during his freshman season, then started ten of thirteen games as a sophomore. Started every game over the past two seasons to conclude his collegiate career.


  • Has experience playing both inside and outside, so may have the most value for a team that’s looking for a jumbo defensive end who can slide inside on passing downs. Lines up in different techniques, sometimes even in a two-point stance. Workout warrior who has a thick frame and a lot of power. Physical player who is able to dig in at the line of scrimmage in the run game, or fire out low and with some explosiveness, using his bull-rush to reset the line of scrimmage. Has heavy hands to ragdoll opponents, shedding blocks effectively. Thudding hitter who can help set the tone defensively. Has some discipline when working as the read man. Gives good effort as a pass rusher, with some ability to convert speed to power; mixes up his rushes. Good hips to turn the corner, with some ability to dip his shoulder and make a smooth arc. Above-average closing burst for his size and was able to record some wins on the outside.


  • Arms are shorter than average, preventing him from keeping opponents out of his frame. Instincts are lagging behind his athletic ability; seems a little bit late to diagnose what’s going on and doesn’t end up around as many plays as his physical and athletic attributes would indicate. Has trouble dealing with cut blocks. Better at handling power directly and can be put on skates when trying to scrape down the line. Recorded just eight sacks over three seasons as a starter (3.5 last season). Sort of a ‘tweener who may need a specialized role/the right defensive fit in order to succeed. Tore his ACL during the pre-draft process, which should drop him a round or two below where he would have otherwise gone.


  • An interesting prospect who has some rare tools and the versatility to potentially contribute in a variety of different ways. Diagnostic skills are raw for someone who has as much starting experience as he does and arm length can be an issue, but could still come off the board in the mid-rounds as a surprisingly explosive and flexible pass-rusher for his size, and as a player who could eventually be a solid run defender.

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