DT Folorunso Fatukasi, Connecticut

6’4” – 315 lbs. – 5.29


  • Redshirted, then started three of twelve games the following year as a rotational player. Became practically a full-time starter the following year, working with the first team in each of the final three seasons of his career.


  • Big, thickly-built nose tackle who typically played left defensive tackle on his team’s line and also lined up both as a nose tackle and the five-technique spot when his team was playing in an odd defensive front, so he had some positional/schematic versatility at the college level. Plays with physicality and discipline and comes out of his stance low despite his height. Space-eater who has no problem holding his ground against power and creating solid run fits to close off lanes as a two-gapper; has plenty of power in both his lower and upper bodies. Even able to dig in against double teams. A pretty good fit for a read-and-react type of team that wants him to hold his ground at the line of scrimmage. Flashes the ability to make tackles while engaged. Not totally limited as a pass-rusher; picked up 13.5 sacks in his three seasons as a starter. Good stamina; was a high snap player for his size, and looked to be in better shape as a senior.


  • Lumbering player with little to no explosiveness or short-area quickness. Very limited range in pursuit. Doesn’t reset the line of scrimmage as often as he should given his frame; typically found at the line of scrimmage. Struggles to make tackles in his area with consistency because of his lack of length and closing burst. Rush repertoire is limited. Has some ability to walk back interior linemen with his bull rush but projects as more of a two-down rotational player rather than a candidate to stay on the field on passing downs. Despite having moved around in college, looks like a pure nose-tackle, preferably as a zero-technique on a defensive front with two-gap principles.


  • Impressive pass-rush production aside, is essentially a two-gap run stuffer who can dig in at the line of scrimmage and eat space, forcing opposing runners to find other lanes. Has the frame, power, stamina, and discipline to work his way into a pro rotation, but will probably see his role reduced, as he doesn’t really offer the type of disruption to stay on the field on obvious passing downs. How highly teams value that sort of skillset will determine his draft stock, but looks like a relatively safe mid-round pick.

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