LB Davin Bellamy, Georgia

6’5” – 255 lbs. – 4.80e


  • Redshirted, then rotated into the defense over ten games the following season. Started two of ten games played the following year, but injured his knee and missed the remainder of the season. Started eleven of thirteen games played as a junior, then fourteen of fifteen as a senior to conclude his career.


  • Very tall, well-built outside linebacker with good length. Has experience playing out of both two- and three-point stances and could potentially project to either spot at the next level. Has the size and natural power to develop into a two-gapping edge-setter. Stays patient in backside contain when left uncovered. Has some pop as a hitter. Pretty high-motor player. Not the most explosive or creative pass-rusher but had decent production there at the SEC level over the past two seasons. Flashes a slap move that has some effectiveness. Gets his hands up to contest passing lanes. Predominantly a pass-rusher, but also took snaps in zone coverage and will occasionally line up over slot receivers. Size may convince teams he can be groomed into a coverage option for less athletic inline tight ends.


  • Athleticism is just average overall; doesn’t really have an explosive element to his game. Needs to play with more discipline when setting the edge. Doesn’t get the most of his length; should be able to lock opposing blockers out of his frame but lets them into his body too frequently. Instincts are very raw, especially in coverage. Often loses track of his man when playing in zone, or gets sucked in and is caught out of position, creating easy completions for opposing quarterbacks. Struggles to bend the edge when rushing. Doesn’t always have a clear plan and has too much wasted motion to his game. Hand use is marginal. Not as physical as expected for a player with his size.


  • Essentially a player who will be drafted by a team that’s willing to take a chance on his size, and length; as it stands right now, instincts and technique leave a lot to be desired. However, ceiling will be constrained by his athleticism, which is nothing special. Consequently, might be more of a late-round pick who could potentially develop into an “elephant” linebacker in a two-gap odd front similar to the scheme he played in at Georgia, or potentially a left end in an even front.

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