DB Justin Reid, Stanford

6’1” – 204 lbs. – 4.55


  • Has pro bloodlines; brother Eric most recently played safety for the San Francisco 49ers. Functioned as essentially a nickel defender at the college level; took snaps closer to or further from the line of scrimmage, but typically lines up across from an opposing slot receiver rather than as more of a traditional deep safety or box safety.


  • Has good size for a pro defensive back; checks all the boxes from a physical perspective. Has good instincts and a conservative on-field temperament, minimizing big plays and mental errors. Footwork and balance in his backpedal is sound. Offers plus route recognition and impressive hips for a player of his size, allowing him to anticipate what opposing slot receivers are trying to do and stick with them despite his lack of ideal top-end speed. When working in press coverage, can place his hands and use them to stick with opponents. Doesn’t bite on double moves or give up too much separation at the route stem. Teams generally avoided throwing in his direction, and exhibited good ball skills to make plays when in-phase. Looks like a pretty good tackler who takes solid angles in pursuit and can break down in the open field; more of a reliable wrap-tackler than a big-hitting enforcer. Was also asked to do some limited blitzing off the edge.


  • Although he has the type of size and athleticism to potentially play as more of a typical free safety or strong safety, he’s a bit of a projection there because of his lack of snaps, meaning he might need to begin his career as a nickel defender. Will get grabby with opponents from time to time and may have to resort to that sort of tactic if he’s forced to cover legitimate deep threats in man coverage at the pro level. Can get caught in traffic when trying to cover drag patterns across the middle of the field. Most of his work was against opposing receivers as opposed to tight ends.


  • A very consistent nickel defender with an impressive combination of size, instincts, and fluidity which should allow him to see significant snaps as a rookie. Could potentially handle a variety of roles but requires some projection to a traditional safety position given his limited snaps in deep coverage, at least during the games reviewed. A high-floor prospect with a skillset well-suited to the modern game and who should receive plenty of consideration in the first round of the draft.

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