WR D.J. Chark, Louisiana St.*

6’3” – 199 lbs. – 4.34


  • Was used sparingly in his first two seasons, then finished second in receiving yards as a junior before enjoying a productive senior campaign. Tall, slightly thin wide receiver who typically lines up on the line of scrimmage as a split end, but will also take snaps in the slot or from tight to the formation in order to block.


  • Able to work under the defense and create opportunities for himself because of the threat of his speed. Was dangerous running wheel routes out of the slot. Has the long strides necessary to eat up cushions and threaten defenses over the top. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder and can come down with imperfect passes. Plus body control/footwork when working near the sidelines. Able to contort his body and come down with back shoulder throws. Gives good effort as a blocker; could do a better job of extending his arms, but is physical at the point of attack and can make crackback blocks or stalk a little bit down the field. Served as his team’s punt returner and flashed the ability to break big gains. With the ball in his hands, has some ability to run through or spin off of weak tackle attempts in order to pick up yards after the catch.


  • Route tree at this point is a little bit simple. A lot of his production was manufactured on curls and digs. May not have an ideal frame for working over the middle of the field; wasn’t really asked to venture much into areas occupied by opposing linebackers. Flashes the ability to uncover deep with double moves but wasn’t the type of consistent threat that his speed would indicate; more of an intermediate option. Could be more aggressive at the catch point; struggles to use his body to shield defenders from the ball because of his lack of strength/bulk. Prone to being undercut by defensive backs because he lets the ball come to him instead of working back. Seems to have reliable hands but lets a lot of throws into his body, especially on curls/digs/comebacks.


  • A very physically and athletically gifted receiver with good body control and pretty reliable hands. While he will need to diversify his route tree and add additional bulk, he has the ability to develop into a future starter at split end for a team, using his speed to create opportunities underneath the defense.

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