WR D.J. Moore, Maryland*

6’0” – 210 lbs. – 4.42


  • Started ten of twelve games played as a freshman, and was the team’s leading receiver in his sophomore and junior campaigns, the latter much more productive, before declaring for the draft. Ran all of his routes from the left side of the formation; is that because he has trouble running routes from the other side, or because his offense called for it? Did take some snaps over the middle. Also took some snaps out of the slot and showed some willingness to work the middle of the field.


  • Has a clear speed advantage which should translate to the next level. Projects as a deep threat who can stretch opposing defenses. Able to use his speed to create opportunities to come back to the ball and pick up first downs. Works some head fakes into his routes and can be difficult to cover when running double moves; does a lot of post-corner stuff. Flashes the ability to make inside releases against cushions and create over the middle of the field on intermediate routes. Lines up on the line of scrimmage and is comfortable getting physical with opponents when facing press/bump-and-run. Doesn’t have the longest arms or softest hands but flashes the ability to make catches away from his frame. Willing to get pretty physical with opposing defensive backs as a blocker; some experience lining up tight to the formation and cracking opponents. Some ability to run through arm tackles and pick up yards after the catch.


  • Upright into his breaks, doesn’t do a good job of sinking his hips. Some of the separation he generates comes as a result of pushing off; needs to do a better job of creating with his actual patterns to avoid penalties. Doesn’t make a lot of contested catches, and can have trouble locating the ball when dealing with physical opponents. Could be more aggressive in terms of working back to the ball and using his frame to work back to defenders. Tends to double-catch a lot of passes and may not be the most reliable receiver out there. Got fed the ball on some shorter routes and plays designed to get the ball into his hands, but wasn’t particularly creative or elusive. Struggles to adjust to some passes; doesn’t always put himself in the best position to make a play on the ball, leading to missed opportunities.


  • A physically gifted receiver with the speed to threaten defenses downfield, a trait which opens things up on shorter routes; does a lot of his work at the intermediate level. Not the most natural receiver, either in terms of his route-running or his ball skills, but could still stick in a starting lineup even if he doesn’t make many strides because the threat of his deep speed is good for offensive spacing. Not quite as explosive as previous Maryland receivers such as Darrius Heyward-Bey and Torrey Smith.

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