WR Tre’Quan Smith, Central Florida

6’2” – 203 lbs. – 4.49


  • Well-built receiver with good height and a strong frame. Does some work on the outside but is often lined up in the slot.


  • Able to use a swim move to release at the line of scrimmage, and is strong enough to continue his routes through some contact. Has the toughness to come down with contested passes in traffic, important considering that he wasn’t able to get consistent separation each week. Flashes the ability to lull defensive backs into a false sense of security by changing speeds when working downfield; looked like a serious deep threat out of the slot at times. Does a good job of positioning himself to win 50-50 passes, and his quarterback clearly had confidence in him in those types of situations. Climbs the ladder and wins over the top. Can track and adjust to poorly thrown balls; has the length and hands to pluck away from his frame. Some ability to improvise and create opportunities for his quarterback when the play breaks down. Has some shake and enough power to run through tackles with the ball in his hands; fights for additional yardage after the contact. Physical blocker who extends his arms, keeps defenders out of his frame, and works to stick with them through the whistle. Some ability to improvise when the play breaks down.


  • A lot of his production is manufactured on short throws which take advantage of generous cushions; gets a lot of touches on short digs two or three yards down the field. Beyond those patterns and go routes, tree is simple at this point. Has a tendency to take it easy on routes in which he’s not the primary target; doesn’t always go full speed. Ran well at the Combine, but looks better when he’s able to settle into soft spots against zone coverage; flashes the ability to put defenders in his hip pocket in some games and really struggles to threaten defenses in others. Will need to play with a quarterback who trusts him to catch passes in tight coverage. Makes some


 A prospect who looks like a dangerous deep threat out of the slot in some games, and who struggles to distinguish himself in others. Size, athleticism, and potential to make acrobatic catches away from his frame should attract teams looking for a high-upside receiver in the third or fourth round.

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