TE Ryan Izzo, Florida St.*

6’5” – 256 lbs. – 4.94


  • Also played basketball in high school. Redshirted in his first season, then appeared in thirteen games in each of the three subsequent seasons, catching fifty-two passes and five touchdowns over the course of his career before foregoing his senior season in order to declare for the draft.


  • Well-built tight end with a solid combination of height, bulk, and length. Has experience playing as both a traditional inline “Y” tight end and as more an H-Back in the team’s offense. Almost all of his snaps came as a blocker, inlcuding on passing downs. Chippy and aggressive player who works hard to stick with opponents through the whistle. Pretty accurate placing his hands and has some leg drive after contact. Has the short-area quickness to chip one opponent and reach another in space, or climb to the second level. Good at lining up opponents in space. The team trusted him in pass protection and exhibits good lateral quickness to stick with opponents. Occasionally began his snaps as a blocker and made delayed releases as a receiver; can sell his fakes and seems to have reliable hands. Played in thirty-nine games over the past three seasons.


  • Not a very good athlete; workout numbers are on the borderline of what’s acceptable in a tight end prospect. Needs to rely on deception rather than athleticism to create opportunities for himself as a receiver. Wasn’t very integrated into the passing game except as an extra blocker, with marginal receiving production. More aggressive than he is technically sound as a blocker. Has frequent balance issues that crop up because he’s overextending himself in an attempt to reach opponents; consequently, ends up bending at the waist or falling to the ground. Works hard to stick with his opponents in pass protection but is often trying to steer them wide of the pocket by attacking their shoulder rather than mirroring them and using his length to keep them out of his body.


  • A pure blocker with the size to function as a role player at the next level. Plays with aggression and has the quickness to get in space and secure blocks, traits which could eventually earn him a number-two role. However, is more of an effort blocker than a technically sound or physically dominant one, and receiving value is marginal; his shortcomings in the blocking game can be addressed, but he probably lacks the athleticism to be a dynamic receiver.


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