WR Braxton Berrios, Miami (FL)

5’9” – 184 lbs. – 4.44


  • Started four of twelve games as a freshman, enjoying modest production (21-232-3), then saw his output drop off the following year. Started three games as a junior, with a season somewhat similar to his first, also serving as a punt returner. His final season was his only one with significant output (55-679-9), and came playing in the slot. Team captain.


  • Despite his small stature, has adequate hand size for a pro receiver. Route tree is pretty standard for a slot receiver, with a lot of slants, ins and outs, drags, and screens, but is able to execute them pretty well. Gets up to speed quickly, with good burst off the line of scrimmage. Runs a lot of routes over the middle of the field; willing to take a hit in order to catch a ball. Uses what size he has to shield defenders. Not just a short-area receiver; has the speed to threaten the seams against zone coverage. Exhibits plus body control to adjust to passes. High-percentage target with reliable hands. Gives good effort as a stalk blocker in the run game; works hard to stick with opponents through the snap. Has experience returning punts and ran one back for a touchdown as a junior.


  • Short with 28” arms; physical profile will limit him to a slot-only role on offense. Can catch passes away from his frame, but probably needs to play with an accurate quarterback because of his lack of length. Might struggle to release at the line of scrimmage against bump-and-run coverage at the next level. A bit of a one-speed player. Doesn’t always exhibit enough snap at the route stem; relied a little too much on his natural athleticism. Had only one productive season at the college level. Tore his ACL in 2014.


  • An undersized slot receiver and punt returner with impressive burst and speed, and who offers reliable hands and the ability to contort his body and adjust to poorly-thrown balls. He gets up to speed in a hurry and unlike some of the pros he’s been compared to, does a good job of threatening the seam against zone coverage. A relatively known quantity with a high floor and the ceiling of an effective number three receiver, he looks like a mid-round pick who would thrive if paired with an accurate quarterback who could mitigate his lack of size and length.

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