CB David Long, Michigan*

5’11” – 196 lbs. – 4.45

Appeared in four games as a freshman, then stepped into a full-time starting role the following season, recording twenty tackles and breaking up six passes to go along with two interceptions. Had a similar junior season (seventeen tackles, six breakups, one interception) before declaring for the draft. Has decent size for the boundary; confirmed his listed height and came in heavier than expected. Played a lot of press-man, tending to line up on the right side of the formation. Brings a desirable temperament to the game: scrappy/competitive. Willing to mix it up at the line of scrimmage against bigger receivers, with enough top-end speed to play close to the line and stick with them down the sidelines. Ball skills are difficult to evaluate because he wasn’t targeted much during the games reviewed (a testament to his tight coverage down the sidelines), but seemed to do a good job of getting his head around. Uses his arms well to stick with opponents through routes. A good athlete who looks like a little bit of a mixed bag technically. Has fluid hips but overall movements and balance aren’t always the smoothest; tends to get high, lets himself get opened up, and has some footwork issues. Struggles to defend against inside releases; lets his opponents get inside position and doesn’t play flat enough to break up passes, something which may become an issue if teams decide to try and slide him into the slot. Instincts look a little bit off in zone and can get sucked in by misdirection. Functional strength is a little lacking and can be blown off the ball by opposing blockers; is active with his hands to shed but needs to develop much more sand in his pants. Often sheds a block after being driven eight or nine yards off of his original spot. When he finds a lane, is willing to stick his nose in and engage opponents with his arms to mitigate his lack of ideal size. Looks more like a mid-round possibility who has a likable approach to the game and offers the speed to provide tight coverage down the sidelines in man, but who is a little bit smaller and weaker than you’d like. May have to begin his career as a reserve/special-teams option and could get looks in the slot if he can cut off the inside with his footwork more consistently. Excellent workouts helped his stock.

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