CB Kendall Sheffield, Ohio St.*

5’11” – 193 lbs.

Originally attended Alabama, but transferred to Ohio State after one season. Made an immediate impact in his first year with the Buckeyes, breaking up nine passes, then intercepted two balls and defended another six in 2018 before declaring for the draft. Among the most physically and athletically gifted corner prospects in this year’s class: well-built and considered one of the fastest players in the draft. Played in a defense which called for a lot of press-man coverage, taking snaps on both sides of the field, as well as in the slot. Has good footwork to match releases and gets very physical at the line of scrimmage; mauls opposing receivers in a way that hasn’t been legal at the pro level since Bill Polian lobbied for rule changes in an attempt to beat the Patriots. However, at the college level, provided tight coverage through the route stem and was able to stick with opponents breaking over the middle of the field, although he has a grabby approach which may prove penalty-prone at the next level. Fast enough to stick with opponents down the sidelines. Not targeted very often because of his tight coverage, but sometimes lets crossing receivers get inside position and shield him from the ball. Was also asked to play some of the pattern-matching techniques that are becoming more and more popular, usually with a shuffle technique. Good pattern-recognition skills and reaction times. Surprisingly, given his much-hyped speed, doesn’t seem to have elite plant-and-drive speed when breaking on a spot in front of him; more of a conservative approach. However, is an effective tackler who does a good job of keeping his shoulders square and using wrap technique to bring down ballcarriers; carries over his physicality to the run game. Brings down receivers quickly to limit yards after the catch. Gets his arms extended and fights blockers but could do a better job of positioning himself on the outside to funnel runners back in toward his teammates. A tough, competitive, and physical cornerback who has all of the physical and athletic traits to play bump-and-run at the line of scrimmage, but who will have to make changes to his game in order to avoid being a penalty machine at the next level; success will depend on how well he can adjust his play to the requirements of the pro game. Could potentially play either inside or outside.

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