CB Rock Ya-Sin, Temple

6’0” – 192 lbs. – 4.52

Originally attended Presbyterian College, where he contributed in his first year before putting together two starting seasons before he transferred to Temple this past season, recording 47 tackles, two interceptions, and twelve passes defensed. Has solid height and good length (32” arms) but came in just below 6’0”, two inches shorter than he was listed. Coaches kept things simple for the first-year Owl by letting him line up almost exclusively on the left side of the defense, playing press-man coverage. Does a good job of using his arms to disrupt receivers near the line, and to pin them to the sidelines as he sticks with them down the field; physical corner who knows what his strengths are and plays to them. Top-end speed looks adequate to carry opponents deep. However, overall movements can look a little bit clumsy at times and can be too grabby at the stem to maintain tight coverage, something which may cause him to be flagged at the next level. Struggled to a poor 7.31 in the cone. A little bit stilted in his footwork when he’s playing off-coverage techniques. Looks more comfortable using the sideline to provide coverage on downfield routes than defending receivers who make inside releases and cross over the middle of the formation. Gets opened up and put on his heels instead of cutting off the inside; could play a little flatter, with loose coverage providing opportunities for receivers to get the ball with space to work with. There’s some wasted movement when he’s breaking on the ball, creating windows for quarterbacks to target him on timing-based throws. Also tends to turn around instead of into receivers. When he’s in position, is able to use his length to make plays on the ball, breaking up twelve passes this past year, although he squandered an opportunity to make an interception during one of the games reviewed (Maryland). Very good leaper. Ability to defend the run is inhibited by his struggles to locate the football and play off of blocks/position himself. Not one of the most fluid or polished cornerback prospects in this year’s class, but has an impressive combination of size, length, and physicality which should interest teams looking for a developmental press-man cornerback to groom. Those traits should earn him consideration around the middle of the draft, especially when considering his development trajectory, having been able to make a leap up in the level of competition he was facing and immediately take over top cornerback duties there.

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