CB Trayvon Mullen, Clemson*

6’2” – 199 lbs. – 4.46

Appeared in thirteen games as a true freshman, including in a special-teams capacity, then took over a starting role in 2017 and intercepted three passes on the year, breaking up another seven throws. Decided to declare after a junior campaign in which he broke up four passes and intercepted one ball. Tall, long-limbed cornerback who plays in a scheme which calls for him to line up on the short side of the field. Most common techniques are press-man when there’s a receiver opposite him, and zone coverage when no one is split out wide to his side of the field; also plays zone at times against receivers aligned tight to the formation. Frequently lines up close to the line and blitzes when there’s no one to his side of the field. Looks best when he’s using his length and physicality to disrupt releases at the line of scrimmage; good temperament. Able to use his length to blanket receivers near the sidelines. Has enough straight-line speed to carry opponents down the sidelines, and can use his length to challenge throws even if his coverage isn’t the tightest. Doesn’t provide the most seamless coverage through the route stem; not the twitchiest or most fluid defensive back, creating windows for timing throws and relies heavily on his physicality to take those types of passes away. Some balance issues crop up when receivers run double-moves against him. Technique needs polishing; turns all the way around instead of in, wasting motion. Susceptible to shorter throws when playing off-coverage, with adequate but not great plant-and-drive ability. Tends to get too grabby during the route and too physical when the ball is in the air and might be a penalty-prone cornerback at the next level. Likes to come up and make tackles in the run game; is able to get low and uses pretty sound technique to bring down ballcarriers, with a wide tackling radius and good speed to plant and drive. One of the more impressive physical specimens in this year’s draft, but still in need of polish with regard to his pattern recognition and technique; was able to get by with his size, speed, length, and physicality at the college level but will probably have to sit on the bench to begin his pro career. Still might end up coming off the board on the second day as a prospect with a high ceiling, but may have benefited from a return to school.

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