DB Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Florida*

5’11” – 210 – 4.48

Started the last three of thirteen games played as a true freshman, recording 32 tackles and intercepting three passes, then started all eleven games the following season (58 tackles, two interceptions). Became the team’s nickel defender as a junior (71 tackles, four interceptions), then declared for the draft. Big, thickly-built defender who comes with a pro-style body. Experienced player who has done a little bit of everything with the Gators. Tended to line up in the slot in 2018, but would regularly creep up to the edge of the line and blitz; prior to that, was more of a traditional high safety who did a lot of work in deep zones. Tough, competitive on-field temperament; was a player who came up big in big games, being named MVP of the Outback Bowl in 2017 and Peach Bowl in 2018. Plays with good instincts, keeping the play in front of him and diagnosing quickly to come up and support the run. Effective tackler who has a physical approach and who can work through blocks to get to the ball, with good extension, active hands, and the suddenness to slip past opponents and make tackles. Ability to defend screens and outside rushing attempts is one of the most impressive elements of his game. Top-end speed appears just average but exhibits a solid closing burst when playing downhill; also tested well in Indianapolis. Working in coverage against opposing receivers, was asked to play some different techniques. Backpedals with balance and pretty quick feet and was asked to do so on a regular basis. When playing press-man, is able to use his size and physicality to disrupt opposing receivers at the line. Able to place his hands at the route stem. However, struggles to keep up with faster receivers down the field in man coverage. Consequently, looks better when playing in shorter zones, where he’s able to keep the play in front of him and use his instincts and physicality to make plays. Played as a deep safety prior to 2018, so he has experience working in deeper zones and providing help over the top, but might struggle to get over to the sidelines at the pro level and looks better suited to more of a box/robber role. A pretty good player who has some coverage limitations but who also does enough things well to succeed if he’s given a role which lets him play within his skillset.

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