DB Deionte Thompson, Alabama*

6’1” – 195 lbs. – N/A

Redshirted, then appeared in twenty-eight games over the following two seasons, starting two games as a sophomore; posted 25 tackles and intercepted one ball in 2017. Stepped into the starting lineup this past season and posted 78 tackles to go along with two interceptions, three passes defensed, and three forced fumbles. Tall, long-limbed, and somewhat lanky safety who was asked to do a little bit of everything at Alabama; would most often line up in single-high coverage, occasionally shading over opposing slot receivers. Very fast, aggressive, and energetic defender. Looks explosive when playing downhill; likes to come up and deliver hits in the run game. At this point, is more physical than fundamentally sound as a tackler; delivers a lot of big hits but doesn’t always wrap up opponents, leading to too many missed opportunities on arm tackles or attempts to go low. Should be able to take snaps in man coverage at the pro level; has the type of length and athleticism to stick with opponents through breaks and down the field. Knows how to get away with a little bit of contact at the stem. Able to get low and demonstrates impressive footwork in his backpedal. Has more than enough speed and length to make it to the sidelines and provide help over the top for cornerbacks; was asked to function as a single-high safety on a regular basis. Possesses a wide catch radius and exhibits very good ball skills and soft hands to make the interception when he’s in position to do so; explosive leaper with good timing to go for the deflection. Effective plant-and-drive, with good timing to break up passes on throws in front of him; makes the most of his length. However, teams have been able to pull him up with play fakes designed to take advantage of his aggressiveness, creating opportunities for downfield throws; will need to play with more discipline at the next level as the margin of error is reduced. Wasn’t able to get in-phase on as many sideline throws as his speed would suggest. A prospect whose highs are higher than many of the other prospects in this year’s class, but who needs to play with more discipline, breaking down and wrapping up opponents as a tackler and being more patient with his reads in deep zones. May have been able to return to school and clean up his technique to boost his stock further, but looks likely to be one of the first safeties picked this year anyway.

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