DB Lukas Denis, Boston College

5’11” – 190 lbs. – 4.64

Appeared in fifteen games over the first two seasons of his collegiate career, starting one contest. Stepped into the starting lineup as a junior and enjoyed a breakout season in which he totaled 83 tackles while intercepting seven passes and breaking up another ten. Put together a senior season of 49 tackles, one interception (a pick-six), and two passes defensed. On the small side for a pro safety, with a thin build. Free safety who was typically asked to play in deep zone coverage, but who is also capable of shading over opposing receivers and playing off-coverage. Pretty athletic player with solid speed and range to patrol down the field and provide help over the top on deep targets. Gets depth with quick feet and solid balance in his backpedal. Able to flip his hips and cover opposing receivers on deep posts. Comes up for a few snaps a game to play press coverage at the line of scrimmage; places hands effectively and looks comfortable turning and running. In off-man, does a good job of diagnosing underneath throws, with solid plant-and-drive skills to come up and deliver hits or break up passes. However, appears to play a little flat-footed at times and may not quite have the length or top-end speed to recover when receivers get past him. Racked up a ton of on-ball production over the past two seasons, particularly as a junior; appears to have soft hands to make plays when in-phase, with the vision and agility to create after securing the interception. Willing to come up and play the run, but is not a very effective tackler; in addition to his lack of size, saw him let a few runners slip through his grasp during the games reviewed. Comes in a little bit hot in run support and would be better-served by breaking down and trying to square up opponents. Would like to see him take more conservative angles, commensurate with his role as the last line of defense. One of the more fluid cover safeties in this year’s class, with solid athleticism, the ability to play both man and zone coverages, and impressive ball skills to make plays when in position. However, size and iffy tackling may limit his ability to play the run, and some teams may prefer a safety who plays with a somewhat more conservative temperament.

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