DB Mike Edwards, Kentucky

5’11” – 205 lbs. – N/A

Redshirted, then started the last five of twelve games played the following year (39 tackles, one interception, two passes defensed). Went 100-5.5-0.5 with three interceptions and eight breakups as a sophomore, 96-4.0-1.0 with four interceptions and seven breakups as a junior, and 82-9.5-0.0 with two interceptions and six breakups as a senior to conclude his collegiate career. Free safety who tended to play in high zones, but would also come down to provide coverage over the slot from both press- and off looks on a regular basis, and occasionally even rush from the edge as an extra blitzer. Has a lanky build; looks a little bit more like a cornerback, but size and length look adequate for the safety position. Has controlled footwork when backpedaling or shuffling, and looks pretty smooth flipping his hips to carry receivers down the field from the slot. Covers a lot of ground and is able to spot-drop with quick feet on his backpedal. Pretty solid plant-and-drive to come down and deliver hits or make tackles on underneath throws. Had impressive on-ball production in college and does a good job of getting his head around and using his length when in-phase. Willing to come up and support the run, as his gaudy tackle totals over the past three years suggest; however, can let his aggressiveness get the best of him, having been exploited by throws off of play action against Tennessee, getting sucked up and losing opponents in coverage. Does a good job of reading keys and putting himself in position to make tackles on plays in front of him; often around the ball because of his combination of instincts, effective angles in pursuit, and good top-end speed. Homing missile who closes fast and can generate some pop on contact despite a frame which is somewhat thinner than ideal. Good wrap tackler who can bring down ballcarriers in space and breaks down well in the open field. Could do a better job of using his arms to play off of blocks instead of trying to run around them (more finesse than physical), but managed to get outside position and funnel runners back in. Three-and-a-half-year starter with an impressive combination of athleticism, instincts, technique, and tackling ability for a pro free safety; one of the more pro-ready defensive back prospects in this year’s class, with the ability to play in deep zones, drop down into the slot, or come up and support the run, qualities which could earn him second-day consideration.

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