DB Nasir Adderley, Delaware

6’0” – 206 lbs. – N/A

Has been a full-time starter since his freshman season. Originally began his career as a cornerback, which he played for two years before transitioning to safety as a junior; tape reviewed is from his senior season. Also returned kicks and punts. Tall, lanky free safety who was typically playing well off the line of scrimmage in high coverage. Has a good-looking backpedal and quick feet to get depth in his drops. Clean footwork on his shuffle to spot-drop into deep zones. Makes the transition from backpedaling to driving on a spot smoothly, with good burst. Very rangy player who combines impressive top-end speed with fluid movement skills overall; can make his way out to the sidelines to defend passes or make tackles in the run game, exhibiting a strong motor in pursuit. Doesn’t have the strongest build but attacks blocks with aggression and doesn’t mind mixing it up on his way to the ball; generates a surprising amount of force and keeps his legs driving after contact. Good hit-and-wrap tackler with a wide radius; can also make it out to the sideline and separate receivers from the ball with well-timed hits. However, has a tendency to take angles which are too aggressive; was still able to put himself into position to make plenty of stops at the college level because of his speed and length, but left some yards on the field. Comes in too hot and would benefit from breaking down more consistently when defending the run. Could sometimes be fooled by misdirection and run himself out of the play; feel for the position is still a little bit of a work in progress. Consequently, at this point is more of a player who has the athletic ability to put himself in the right spot than someone who can consistently be counted on to do so. Length, athletic ability, and physicality allow him to shade over pairs of receivers and defend screens, or flip his hips and carrying opposing targets down the seams. A pretty interesting player who combines the physical, aggressive temperament of a safety with the athletic ability of a cornerback. Has a bit of a thin frame and is still developing his instincts, but has a higher ceiling than many of the safety prospects in this year’s class, which looks like it could earn him a spot within the top fifty picks or so.

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