DB Taylor Rapp, Washington*

6’0” – 208 lbs. – N/A

Started ten of fourteen games played as a true freshman, recording 58 tackles and four interceptions, then followed that up with seasons of 59 tackles, one interception and 58 tackles, two interceptions. Also recorded six career sacks and broke up six passes. Well-built with solid height and good musculature. Takes snaps as a single high safety, but will shade over to provide coverage on slot receivers on a regular basis. Plays with the type of conservative temperament that teams looking for a trustworthy option will appreciate; realizes that he represents the last line of defense and does a good job of keeping the play in front of him. Has an easy shuffle and gets good depth on his drops. Patient with his reads and does a good job flowing toward the ball; combination of play recognition and solid speed causes him to end up around the ball often, albeit not always as the first man on the scene. Risk-averse approach carries over into coverage, where he tends to play a little bit off to limit big plays over the top and yards after the catch; flip-side is that he could be targeted on higher-percentage throws underneath when playing from the slot. Able to place his hands and provide pretty good coverage down the seams, although he’s not the most fluid defender and might be susceptible to well-timed passes. Good plant-and-drive speed to close on a spot and deliver hits on ballcarriers; able to function as an enforcer when playing robber coverage over the middle of the field. Gets his arms extended and attacks blockers with physicality and active hands; good positioning to funnel runners back in. Uses effective wrap technique to bring down ballcarriers. Also has some experience as a blitzer off the edge, as evidenced by his career sack totals; does a good job of locating clear lanes and closes quickly. Despite being a bigger player, and despite his tough style of play, wasn’t really asked to come down into the box and defend the run as often as anticipated, although that is something he may be successful at. Teams looking for a fast, aggressive ball-hawk may want to look elsewhere, but has the smart, polished, and conservative temperament that teams running a bend, don’t break defense will be attracted to, with the size and physicality to support the run. Probably made the right choice to declare for the draft, as he doesn’t have any major weaknesses that would have made returning to school a good idea.

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