DB Will Harris, Boston College

6’1” – 207 lbs. – 4.41

Started three of twelve games played as a freshman (20 tackles, one interception, one breakup), then took over as the team’s full-time starter at strong safety the following season (47 tackles, two interceptions, four breakups), a role he retained for the remainder of his collegiate career. Recorded 83 tackles, another interception, and two breakups as a junior and 75 tackles and an interception as a senior. Big, thickly-built strong safety who lined up in deep zones, dropped down closer to the line of scrimmage, and would shade over opposing receivers in the slot. Brings good energy to the defense. Hard-charging player who can help set the tone with his physicality; likes to come up and support the game and flowing toward the ball; delivers some pretty big hits. Does a pretty good job of sensing the play direction in the run game. Often around the ball and racks up a lot of tackles, but lacks the recovery speed to get back into position when he comes in too fast and doesn’t break down. In deep zone coverage, has sound balance and quick feet to backpedal into his area, and plays with pretty good instincts. Able to anticipate developments underneath and come up to deliver hits on targets; however, actual on-ball production was fairly limited over the course of his career, and is more likely to make quick tackles after the catch than to make plays on the throw itself. Pass defense suffers from the same shortcoming that his run defense does: is a little bit of a one-speed player who generally has good instincts but lacks the athletic ability to get back into the play when he takes false steps. Often looks a little bit late to get to the sidelines and provide help over the top in cover-two. Occasionally came down to the edge and rushed the passer or helped with run blitzes; managed to pick up 5.5 tackles for loss as a junior. A big strong safety who handled diverse responsibilities over three-plus years as a starter, but who will probably see a reduced role at the pro level unless he tests better than anticipated and proves he can reach spots on a consistent basis. Projects more as a third-day pick whose physicality and energy could help him contribute on special teams and in a reserve capacity.

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