DE Ben Banogu, Texas Christian

6’4” – 250 lbs. – 4.62

Originally attended Louisiana-Monroe, recording 44-10.5-3.0 as a freshman before transferring to Texas Christian and sitting out the next season as per transfer rules. Immediately became a starter at TCU, posting 55-16.5-8.5 and 57-18.0-8.5 in his junior and senior seasons. Tall pass-rusher who takes snaps standing up or with his hand in the dirt, typically from the left end of the defensive line. Has a strong build and solid length (arms just under 33.5″ in Indianapolis). Played in a defense which called for a lot of two-gapping. Disciplined with his positioning when setting the edge or working on the backside. Has a gritty, physical temperament but could do a better job of getting extension and keeping opponents out of his frame. Suddenness is above-average but struggles to disengage when opponents get their hands on him; consequently, doesn’t seem to come up with tackles on a high percentage of the snaps in which he could theoretically make one. May be a little better-suited to a team whose run fits used one-gap principles more often. Relies pretty heavily on inside moves to find clear lanes to the quarterback and create pressure. A little bit stiff, but has good speed in a straight line to close on opposing passers. Very good snap anticipation. Flashes explosiveness to challenge the edge and mixes in a spin move that looks somewhat effective; more likely to overrun the pocket and spin back than he is to win the edge outright and bend back. Able to covert speed to power and generate push with his bull rush. Fairly active with his hands and uses the slap with some effectiveness but doesn’t have the deepest repertoire of moves. Good ball awareness when he’s closing in to go for the strip or bat passes. Was strictly a pass-rusher in college and ceiling in coverage may be somewhat limited by his stiffness. A pretty good player who did a good job of anticipating snap counts and using his speed to generate pressure at the college level, but whose lack of length allowed blockers to get into his frame and inhibit his ability to stack and shed in the run game. It’ll be hard to overcome that limitation at the next level, but it could potentially be masked somewhat by playing in a defensive front which emphasizes penetration. Really helped his stock with an excellent Combine.

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