DE Brian Burns, Florida St.*

6’5” – 249 lbs. – 4.53

Weighed only 218 pounds in his freshman year, but still enjoyed a productive season of 24-10.5-9.5. Continued to gain weight after that and went 48-13.5-4.5 as a sophomore and 52-15.5-10.0 as a junior before declaring for the draft. Tall, lanky defensive end who has gained seventeen pounds since 2016 and came into the Combine with another fourteen pounds of bulk, really helping his stock. Takes snaps at both defensive end spots in the Seminoles defense and also rushes out of a two-point stance on a regular basis; might be considered more of a rush linebacker at the next level. Smooth, fast athlete who can line up in a wide alignment, win the edge with his speed, dip his shoulder, and bend back to the passer. Covers a lot of ground very quickly. Able to use his length/hands to swipe away the hands of opposing blockers. Predominantly an edge rusher but flashes the suddenness to threaten opponents with inside moves as well. Has a long wingspan and picked up seven forced fumbles over the course of his collegiate career, attacking the throwing arm when coming from the blindside. Impressive leaper who contests passing lanes. As his physical attributes indicate, doesn’t have much of a power element to his approach; purely a finesse rusher. Exhibits a good level of activity as a rusher but still needs to develop counters for when his initial rush isn’t successful. Has the physical and athletic attributes to drop into coverage but was used exclusively as a pass-rusher during the games reviewed. Plays with a rush-first mentality and doesn’t always look as interested in playing the run; puts a lot of snaps on tape in which he can be found inspecting piles. Not nearly as rangy in pursuit as his speed would indicate because of effort issues. However, does show the ability to extend his arms and lock out opponents; able to use his length and quickness to disengage and make tackles when attempts are coming his way. Tends to stay home in backside contain, with enough speed and fluidity to recover when he gets sucked in. Also blocked three kicks in college. Although he doesn’t have the bulk or effort level you’d like in a run defender, more than compensates for those shortcomings with his tantalizing combination of size, length, speed, and fluidity, traits which should make him a first-round pick in this year’s draft, most likely for a team that wants a stand-up pass-rusher.

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