DE Chase Winovich, Michigan

6’3” – 256 lbs. – 4.59
Appeared in six games as a freshman, then started two of thirteen as a sophomore, rotating heavily into the defense and recording 34-9.0-5.5. Has started the past two seasons, totaling 79-18.5-8.0 and 62-14.5-4.0 as a junior and senior, respectively. Might have a somewhat maxed-out frame, having gained just two pounds last season, but has an adequate combination of height/bulk for a pass-rusher if he’s as big as listed. Takes snaps on both sides of the line, often out of a four-point stance. Pretty disciplined run defender who can set the edge on the outside. More powerful than his size would indicate; has impressive functional strength and is able to stack and shed blockers with heavy, active hands. Anchor is pretty good, but balance can be a little bit of an issue at times. Reliable tackler with a solid radius. Does a good job of staying home and keeping his shoulders square when he’s the read man, but had some trouble defending read-options during the games reviewed. Not the most explosive pass-rusher; athleticism is at least adequate, but can be steered wide of the pocket a little bit too easily when he tries to win on the edge with speed. Wins more because of his active hands than anything; does a good job of keeping blockers out of his pads and using technique to generate penetration. Has a good motor and can keep himself in plays in order to create second-chance/coverage-sack opportunities. Flashes enough quickness to create pressure with inside moves. Didn’t see him resort to a lot of bull-rushing or speed-to-power, which is somewhat curious given the strength he shows in the run game; flashed the ability to overwhelm opposing tackles when he gets low. Might not have quite the closing burst to finish off more mobile quarterbacks. Ultimately created more pressure in the backfield than his somewhat average sack numbers would indicate. Took only a few snaps out of a two-point stance, so it’s difficult to evaluate his ability to drop into coverage as a rush linebacker. Comes with three years of production for a major program, offering an aggressive style of play and the strength and hand use to shed blockers and create trouble for opposing offenses. Isn’t the biggest or most explosive defensive end, but should be able to rotate into a pro defense or potentially start opposite a primary pass-rusher.

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