DE Christian Miller, Alabama

6’3” – 247 lbs. – N/A

Redshirted, then served on special-teams coverage units and rotated into the defense at linebacker the following year (16-2.5-2.0). Hurt his arm in the season opener of his junior year and appeared in just four games total in 2017 (6-2.0-1.0). Finally broke out as a senior, rotating into the defense and going 36-11.5-8.5 with twelve hurries. A tall, long edge defender in Alabama’s defense, but who teams may want to gain five to ten pounds upon arriving in the pros; plays with his hand in the dirt and also rushes out of a two-point stance, usually from the right side of the defense, but sometimes from the left. High-motor rusher whose first instinct is to get upfield; to that effect, demonstrates a pretty explosive first step to threaten the edge with speed, particularly out of a three-point stance, and closes quickly when he’s able to find a clear path to the ball. Uses some different rush moves to get to the passer; for example, can jab out one arm to keep opponents off-balance, or set them up and swim past them. However, can sometimes be a little bit late to react to the ball being snapped; tends to be one of the last players off the line of scrimmage, and only looks fast once he gets going. Sometimes struggles to bend back to the ball; lacks the elite body control to dip his shoulder and create a tight arc, but can get depth and then redirect pretty effectively. Looks good when the team schemes stunts/twists to get him clear lanes which can showcase his speed. Able to use his length to lock out opposing offensive linemen, both when rushing the passer and when defending the run. Does a good job of attacking blockers to establish position on the edge, getting his arms extended and demonstrating the ability to ragdoll them and make tackles. Has the length and closing burst to record tackles outside of his frame. Flows well horizontally and can even carry opposing runners out of the backfield on occasion. Predominantly a downhill player but made a few spot drops into zone and although his technique is casual, does cover a lot of ground. Something of a one-year wonder, but who already displays the type of athletic ability, repertoire of rush moves, and motor to get after the passer, and who is a tougher and stronger run defender than his size would indicate.

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