DE Jachai Polite, Florida*

6’3” – 258 lbs. – 4.84

Rotated into the defense as a 271-pound freshman (11-3.5-2.0), then dropped down to 260 and went 22-5.5-2.0 over seven games the following year before sustaining a season-ending shoulder injury. Broke out as a 242-pound junior, posting 45-17.5-11.0 with six forced fumbles before declaring for the draft. Somewhat squatty edge defender who typically lines up in a two-point stance; probably also projects as a rush linebacker at the next level, being a bit smaller than your typical defensive end. Very high-energy player who loves to play downhill and brings it on a snap-to-snap basis. Offers a varied approach to rushing the passer, mixing in different moves with regularity. Makes the most of his frame, with the ability to get low and make himself a small target for opposing offensive linemen, ducking under punches. Impressive short-area quickness and active hands allow him to keep defenders out of his frame and slip past them to create opportunities for himself. Able to stutter-step, dip his shoulder, and slither into gaps. Able to get low and bend the edge with speed and fluidity. Can get depth and open up an inside lane with a devastating spin move. Closes fast and generates plenty of power into contact. However, could stand to develop more counters, as he will end up idling around the line at times when opponents get their hands on him. Bull-rush looked good but isn’t that integrated into his game. Wasn’t really asked to make drops, being used exclusively as a pass-rusher, so that may be one area of his game where he’ll face a learning curve at the pro level. Predominantly a disruptor but is also capable of locking his arms out and anchoring pretty well in the run game. Patient in backside contain and aware of his responsibilities when presented with options or package plays, taking away the outside option and funneling runners back inside. Not the longest defender but is able to use his speed and strength to hunt down and wrangle ballcarriers. Aggression can cause him to pick the wrong gap at times and get sealed out of the hole; that may be an unavoidable downside to his style of play rather than something which can be isolated and fixed. A prospect who flies all over the field and has such a creative approach to wreaking havoc that it’s very easy to fall in love with him; consequently, looks like a strong candidate for the first round even in a deep pass-rusher class.

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