DE Jamal Davis, Akron

6’3” – 243 lbs. – 4.60
Originally attended Pittsburgh, appearing in three games as a freshman. Transferred to Akron, forcing him to sit out the following season, then took over a starting role and went 69-15.5-2.0 as a junior and 80-16.0-5.5 as a senior. Aggressive, explosive player who played defensive end in college but it’s possible teams will see him as more of a rush linebacker because of his lack of bulk. Typically lined up at the left end position, often in a wider technique and playing out of a four-point stance. Good reaction times and burst off the line of scrimmage; has the short-area quickness to threaten penetration on the inside, which helped him to blow up a lot of rushing attempts in the backfield at the college level, leading to stops or forcing opponents to improvise. Has a little bit more natural power than his frame would indicate, with the ability to convert his speed into power and enjoy some success with his bull rush. Capable of pursuing ballcarriers to the sidelines; good motor. Made tackles on a high percentage of the plays in which he was in position to do so. Less impressive when he’s asked to drop his anchor and dig in; can be moved off of his spot and looks much better in an attacking role. Aggressiveness can cause him to take himself out of some snaps. Didn’t have a ton of production as a pass-rusher but looks better on tape than his statistics would indicate. Smooth, explosive athlete who can challenge opponents inside or on the edge. Runs very well and has the closing burst to pick up pressures or hits when he’s able to find a lane; the team sometimes schemed him open on stunts and twists. Can dip his shoulder and knife into the backfield. Not quite as advanced with his hand use/diverse in his rush approach as he is athletically overwhelming. Having played defensive end in college, requires some projection with regard to pass coverage, but has the type of athletic ability to handle those responsibilities. Kind of a strange prospect in the sense that his build would suggest more of a rotational pass-rusher, but who wasn’t particularly productive in terms of getting after the quarterback. Instead, he used his quickness to disrupt rushing attempts by making inside moves. May be limited to more of a one-gap defense, possibly as a rush linebacker and possibly in need of some additional bulk, but has intriguing tools.

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