DE Joe Jackson, Miami (FL)*

6’4” – 275 lbs. – N/A

Has been a starter since his freshman year, a campaign in which he went 32-10.5-7.5. Ended up being even more productive in the two subsequent seasons, posting lines of 50-10.5-6.5 and 47-14.5-8.5. Has also recorded five forced fumbles in that span. Hulking defensive end who typically lines up on the right side of the line and offers an impressive combination of height, bulk, and length. Also takes some snaps out of a two-point stance. Plays the game with a high motor. Pretty powerful player who can attack blockers in the run game, grinding away with his bull rush against opposing offensive tackles. Disciplined when it comes to setting the edge, avoiding over-committing to inside rushing attempts. Stays home against the read option. Able to crash down and create congestion in the middle of the line. Has a wide tackling radius and gives effort out to the sidelines but is a little bit stiff and can struggle to recover when he gets frozen. Best trait as a pass-rusher is his ability to use the bull rush to walk back blockers. Tends to go with a power-based approach but flashes the ability to threaten the edge and bend. However, is routinely the last player on the defensive line to react to the ball being snapped. Negates some of his length by letting opponents into his body; would like to see a more concerted effort to extend his arms and lock out blockers. Doesn’t really know how to use his hands effectively to disengage. Has some balance issues which crop up from time to time, possibly related to pad level. Played in a defense which tried to scheme him free on a lot of stunts/twists but tended to get picked up; some of his pressure came on clear lanes to the passer. Movements can be a little bit herky-jerky at times but looks pretty fast in a straight line, and did a better job than anticipated of carrying opposing running backs out of the backfield and down the sidelines. Rock-em-sock-em rusher who produced for three years in college, really looks the part, and plays with impressive functional strength, but who is a little bit stiff and robotic in his movements, with an unimaginative pass-rushing approach heavy on bull-rushing and stunts. Rigidity may be hard to overcome, but sets the edge and drops into coverage well enough to potentially interest 3-4 defenses seeking an “elephant” who can two-gap; moreover, there’s room for improvement for coaches that focus on teaching him to make use his arms and hands more effectively.


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