DE Jordan Brailford, Oklahoma St.*

6’3” – 252 lbs. – 4.65

Rotated into the defense over nine games as a freshman, posting 23-3.5-1.0. Redshirted due to injury the following season, then stepped into the starting lineup in 2017, going 57-11.0-5.0 that year and 55-17.0-10.0 as a junior before declaring for the draft. Team captain. A little bit smaller than ideal for an edge rusher, measuring in under 6’3” at the Combine, with 32.5” arms and hands just a tick over nine inches. Interesting in that he takes snaps both as a traditional left defensive end and as an off-ball linebacker, switching back and forth over the course of the game. A good athlete in a straight line, but looks a little bit linear, with just average fluidity on tape. As a run defender, demonstrates adequate pad level and good power in his hands to attack opponents as a two-gapper. Can attack gaps horizontally and disrupt opposing blocking schemes, with pretty good get-off at the line of scrimmage to create congestion in the middle of the line. Displays a good motor in pursuit and made some tackles downfield or toward the sidelines during the games reviewed. However, some balance issues can crop up when he’s making his way through blockers, or even when he’s just trying to change direction. Tested well at the Combine, with an impressive 37.5” vertical, 10’6” broad jump, and 4.65 forty-yard dash; that speed and explosiveness carries over into his game as a pass-rusher. Able to get depth as an edge rusher, whether standing up or playing out of a three-point stance, and flashes the ability to dip his shoulder and work past opposing tackles. However, is straight-linish and doesn’t do a great job of bending a smooth arc. Can also be knocked off-balance by chip blocks, being a relatively high-cut defender with a comparatively more developed upper body. Doesn’t offer too much on stunts/twists. Made the occasional drop into coverage and demonstrates quick feet, suggesting he should be able to make that transition. A productive, highly-regarded player with good testing numbers, but who looks like a better athlete than football player at this point, being linear/stiff. Looks like he’s set to come off the board in the mid-rounds, as a developmental pass-rusher, perhaps in an odd defensive front which would take advantage of what he’s flashed in coverage as well as his experience playing out of two-point stances.

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